Appointment Information

All appointments are at:

Suite 9 The Hermitage Medical Clinic,
Old Lucan Road,
Dublin 20

Telephone: 01 645 9550

Fax: 01 645 9551


After making an appointment you are encouraged to complete a downloadable assessment form and bring it with you. It is also vey helpful to bring Scans, Reports and any other relevant information.

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There are many non-surgical treatments for back conditions and indeed only a relatively small minority of patients will be suitable for surgery. All options will be discussed and decisions regarding further treatment made on a mutual basis between doctor and patient. Where there is a diagnosis amenable to surgery it is generally suggested only for those who are still suffering severe pain or immobility despite having had comprehensive conservative treatment and/or those who have developed nerve dysfunction.

A very full two way discussion is encouraged to cover all aspects of any proposed surgery including alternatives, techniques, recovery period, risks, potential complications and success/failure rates.

All surgery is carried out at the Hermitage Medical Clinic which has state of the art facilities for microscopic surgery and highly experienced nursing staff and physiotherapists.